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Available from Metway – the new milliLED – Panel-to-Panel Bridging for Automated and Manual Assembly Processes

January 28th, 2016

Whether you are designing LED lighting solutions for new projects or looking to retrofit existing fluorescent/neon tube installations, the milliLED series contains a range of customizable solutions that let you take advantage of the full environmental and cost-efficiencies of LED panel lighting.

Supported by either a fully integrated or separate pin strip, The LED bridge connector is a low profile, 3.5mm pitch connector that seamlessly interconnects LED panels in a chain or matrix format with the industry’s highest current carrying capacity.













* Compact and low profile design

* Can be either manually configured by OEM users or factory-mounted as a single SMT assembly by OEMs.

* Power test holes

* Customizable pole options available upon request. (i.e. 1, 2, 3 poles, special plating & colouring, marking, etc.)


* Best-in-class current carrying capacity 6A/250V qualified

* Typical extracti on force – 2.3Kgf

* Typical inserti on force – 1.6Kgf

* White color conforms to non-reflecti ve LED lighting standards

* Outdoor solutions available upon request

* Can be customized for 300V


image 2 930LC111






Automated Assembly Process

Unique integration of pin strips and SMT connector enables automated pick and place assembly. Assembly from factory is also shipped in tape-on-reel format.

Manual Assembly Process

Single surface mounted SMARTCONN pin strip delivers panel-to-panel bridging and power supply connector.

Power Supply Connector 930-LP-111/02

power supply








* Low profile (4mm)

* Screwless

* Easy push-in wiring – 20-22 AWG solid

* Improved fi eld reliability via unique snap-in retention

*  Rated current up to 6A/250v

* Automated pick-and-place assembly


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