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Series 900SI Fused terminal block assemblies

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Series 900SI Fused terminal block assemblies are created by using fused terminal block type 900SI01 (panel mounting) or 900SIRZ01(with catch pins), interlocked with type 900QA01 modules, various lengths of fused terminal blocks can be assembled.

Additionally earth tags (type SL90022) can be fitted into the screwless ports to provide a screw earth connection.

Technical Details

Mouldings: polyamide 6/6, white
Inserts: steel, tinned
Screws: M3 steel, zinc plated, chromed
Screw tightening torque: max: 0.8 Nm
Contacts for fuses: stainless spring steel
Clamping springs: stainless spring steel
Temp. limits: max short term: 160º C
continuous: 100º C
Current rating: to EN 60 598: 6A
to EN 60 998: 13.5A
Voltage rating: see approvals
Conductor size: screw terminals: up to 6mm2
screwless terminals: 0.5mm2 – 1.5mm2
Wire stripping length: screw terminals: 8mm – 8.5mm
screwless terminals: 7mm – 7.5mm


Assemblies can consist of any number of fused and unfused poles. The fused poles can be at either end or in the middle of assemblies.

Series 900SI Fused terminal block assemblies

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