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Series 162STS 2 pole “maxi” low voltage connectors

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Series 162STS incorporate a plug and a socket integrated into one connector.

These can be inter-connected to each other by simply rotating 180°.

Due to their height of 8mm, they are particularly suitable for use in confined areas and are mechanically coded to prevent incorrect connection.

Available in colours black or white.

Series 162ALC cord sets comprise of a 162 connector wired to a free end cable, complete with ferrules for connecting to transformers etc.

Series 162VLC extension leads are fitted with a 162 connector on each end.

All items shown comply to low voltage regs. 73/23/EWG.

Technical Details

Mouldings: nylon 6.6 (PA6/6), UL94 V0
Inserts: brass, silver plated
Screws: M3 steel, zinc plated, chromed
Screw tightening torque: max: 0.3 Nm
Temp. limits: max short term: 160º C
continuous: 100º C
Current rating: 25A
Voltage rating: 48 ~
Conductor size: 0.5mm2 – 2.5mm2: solid or ferruled
Wire stripping length: 7mm
Protection class: IP 20
Cable: double insulated: LSOH



Cables: other cable lengths available on request.

Series 162STS connectors

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