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Series 162 LED Grey

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The AC Series 162 completes our connecting system AC 166 within the field of electrical installation for low voltage application up to 48 V. When developing that series particular importance was attached to safety aspects under loads up to 15 amp. So we exclusively use silver-plated contacts and double insulated strands. These products are compatible with market standard.

Technical Details

AC 162 STS/2 LED grey – 2 pole plug and socket connectors

Technical data

Connection screw
conductor size 0.5 – 2.5 mm²
Mouldings polyamide 6.6, grey
flammability rating to UL 94: V-2
continuous working temperature 100 °C
short-time temperature 160 °C
Contacts brass, tinned
Screws M3: max. 0.3 Nm
steel, zinc plated, chromed
Current rating 15 A at T 70 °C
Stripping length 7 mm


Available pre-leaded in 0.35m and 1.2m lengths.


low voltage connectors

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