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Series KULT 4 - 10, 6 - 10mm Pitch Spring Loaded Rail Mounted Terminals

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The Metway ‘K’ series range of universal rail mounted spring-loaded feed through terminals in PA 6.6 employ compression springs below the contact clamp assembly, for a better and more reliable connection in high vibration applications.

The range covers terminals for conductor sizes 0.5mm² – 16mm² and as with the standard K series range the special foot design provides a
slot for easy mounting and removal of a single terminal from a stack, using a screwdriver.

Technical Details

Please download datasheet for technical information.


Available on request:

End plates
Partition plates (with foot)
Protection covers
End clamps
Shorting link assemblies
Marking labels
Colours: grey, khaki, red, yellow, blue, black, green

Metway Series KULT

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