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Series 900EQ 6A Terminal Blocks - Screw / Screwless

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Series 900EQ are a one piece three pole connector.

Mains connection is made by screw terminals on one side for wires up to 4 mm2.

The opposite side has four screwless connections in poles 1 and 3.

The centre pole is screw to screw fixing with earth marking.

Series 900EQA are of the same design as above but incorporate an interlocking facility on one side to enable the user to extend to any required combination by adding further modular components from the range available (see related products).

Please note.
Either solid or tinned stranded conductors should be used in the screwless terminals.

Technical Details

Mouldings: polyamide 6, natural
Inserts: screw/screwless: steel, tinned
screw/screw: brass, tinned
Screws: M3 steel, zinc plated, chromed
Screw tightening torque: max: 0.5 Nm
Temp. limits: max short term: 160º C
continuous: 100º C
Current rating: to EN 60 598: 6A
to EN 60 998: 13.5A
Voltage rating: see approvals
Conductor size: screw terminals: up to 6mm2
screwless terminals: 0.5mm2 – 1.0mm2
Wire stripping length: screw terminals: 8mm – 8.5mm
screwless terminals : 7mm – 7.5mm


Series 900EQ 6A Terminal Blocks

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