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166KU VK

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Series 166KU /GKU are used to connect permanently installed plugs (mains supply) and sockets (output). Suitable for use in electrical devices, such as furniture luminaires. Type KU are used in conjunction with series 166(1) connectors and type GKU are used with all ‘G’ series connectors.

Series 166VKE/VKH are end caps for isolating all 166 series plug and socket connectors. They simply push into the plug or socket with a snap fit.

Type VKE are suitable for use with 166BU, 1661BU and 166GST 3 pole connectors.

Type VKH are suitable for use with 166ST, 1661ST and 166GBU 3 pole connectors.

Important note:

Series 166KU/GKU must only be used with permanently installed devices – it is not suitable for use as a line extension.

Technical Details

Mouldings polyamide 6/6, black or white
flammability rating to UL 94: V-2
continuous working temperature 100 °C
short-time temperature 160 °C
Contacts brass, plated
Current rating to EN 60320: 16 A at T 70 °C
to EN 61984: 16 A at T 70 °C


Series 166KU

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