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166G 3 pole GVT (166GVT03)

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3 Pole Moulded Tee Piece 166GVT03

The moulded tee comes complete with interlocking latching to lock 1x input & 1x output terminal.

Latching of the second output (luminaire connection) is made during installation, either by plug or panel mount connector with a locking slide. (details below).

When making installations to VDE 0628, connecting elements have to be interlocked.

Technical Details

3 Pole Moulded Tee Piece

Part Number 166GVT03 – Black
166GVTW03 – White
Mouldings polyamide 6/6
Continuous working temp 100º C
Short time temp 160º C
Plugs & sockets brass, tinned
Current rating to EN 61535: 20A at T 70ºC
to EN 61984: 16A at T 70ºC
16A/250v at 70º C
(to EN 60 320/EN 61 984)
Upper limit temp 110º C
Protection class IP20
IP40 when plugged in


166gvt03 moulde tee piece

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