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SMDFlat345 LED - SMD Connector

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The new SMDFlat345 connectors for LED modules.

* 4.0mmpin spacing
* 3.45mm height, the lowest version in the market minimising formation of shades in application
* Funnel shaped wiring ports for easy  and automatic wire access of solid or flexible wires up to 0.75mm2
* 1 and 2 pole versions
* Tape and reel packaging for automatic process
* Secure release function due to a release tool

Technical Details

Connection Clamping spring contactsConductor size 0.2 – 0.75mm2 solid or flexible
Fixing SMD
Mouldings PPA-GF, whiteFlammability rating to UL94: V-0Continuous working temp 150OCShort-time temp 2000C
Contacts Spring steel, copper
Voltage rating 1 pole: 600V to EN 60598-12 pole: 250V to EN 60598-1
Current rating To EN 60998: 9A(0.75mm2) resp. 6A (0.5mm2)
Lower temperature limit -60oC
Upper temperature limit 105oC
Stripping length 8 – 9mm
Protection class IP00
Packaging Tape and reel


smdflat345LED Modules

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