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Series 2000 40A terminal blocks - heavy duty - standard & raised base

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Series 2000 terminal blocks are particularly suitable for use in water heaters, shower units and all heavy duty applications.

They are available in standard base and raised base (suffixed K).

The raised base versions are particularly suitable to obtain required minimum creepage and clearance distances when mounting on non-insulating surfaces.

Supplied with or without wire protectors.

Captive screws are fitted as standard.

Complies to  VDE 0711(EN 60 598-1) & VDE 0613 (EN 60 998) if used in equipment rated up to 40 amp.

Glow wire options available for installations in accordance with EN 60 335-1 upon request.

Technical Details

Mouldings: nylon 6, natural, UL94 V2
Inserts: brass, tinned
Screws: M5 steel, zinc plated, chromed
Screw tightening torque: max: 2.0 Nm
Temp. limits: max short term: 160º C
continuous: 100º C
Current rating: to EN 60 598: 40A
to EN 60 998: 76A
Voltage rating: see approvals
Conductor size: without wire protectors: 16mm2
with wire protectors: 10mm2
Wire stripping length: 10mm2 – 10.5mm 2


Marking: special printing available. Please provide sketch.
Cut lengths: standard 12 pole lengths can be cut to shorter lengths.
Housings: also available in higher grade nylon materials.

Series 2000 40A terminal blocks

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