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DK4Si Transformer Connectors

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Series DK4SI fused connectors provide feed through connections for resin filled transformers to connect internal wiring to outside terminals.

They incorporate two fixing lugs per pole (10mm centres) and are used with automotive fuses (series FKS) which comply with DIN72581.

They can be assembled to any length from the basic one pole version.

External wiring is with rising clamp terminals and internal wiring through open or closed slot solder tags.

Once mounted they meet the finger guard test.

Available in black, grey and white and with sleeved or unsleeved lugs.

*Note: with an ambienttemp. of up to 230C, constant current must not exceed 80% of the current rating.

Technical Details

Connection cable cage with screw
conductor size 0.5 – 4.0 mm²
Fixing by pushing into the chassis of the compound-filled transformer
hole size Ø 7.2 -0.1 mm, spacing 10.0 mm, wall thickness 1.2 – 4.0 mm
Mouldings polyamide 6/6, black
flammability rating to UL 94: V-2
continuous working temperature 100 °C
short-time temperature 160 °C
Contacts brass, plated
Screws M3.5: max. 0.8 Nm
steel, zinc plated, chromed
Voltage rating corresponding to fuse links used
32 V max.
Current rating corresponding to fuse links used
15 A max.
Stripping length 8.5 – 9 mm
Fuse size commercial motor-car fuses to DIN 72581,
constant current must not exceed 80 % of the current rating at T 23 °C
Interlocking By lateral dovetail to any required length (pin spacing 10.0 mm) and to connectors DK4



DK4Si Transformer

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