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Series 159A High Current PCB Terminal

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Series 159A is particularly designed for high voltages and strong currents.

A terminal space for solid wires of up to 16 mm² or for flexible wires of up to 10 mm² is characteristic for this series.

Two solder pins per pole ensure safe connection to the PCB.

Series 159-A-111 is a low version in 12.7mm pitch and is suitable for voltages up to 1000V

Series 159-A-211 is a tall version in 12.7 mm pitch.

As the low version, it is suitable for voltages of up to 1000 V.

Due to its extended wire entrance, it is particularly shock-proof and easy to assemble.

Unlimited UL-approval (UL1059, general industrial, Group C) for 600 V facilitates design approval.

This series is suitable for field wiring applications according to UL508C.

Technical Details

Pitch 12.7mm
Number of Poles 2 – 12
Clamping Range 0.5 – 16mm2 / 0.5 – 10mm2 / 20 – 6AWG
Rated Cross Section

10 mm²

Wire Stripping Length

10,5 mm ± 1 mm
Overvoltage CategoryPollution Severity LevelRated Voltage

Rated Impulse Voltage

III III II3 2 2690V 1000V 1000V

8kV 8kV 6kV

Rated Current 57A
Hole in PCB ø 1,5 mm
Torque 1,2 Nm
Other specifications

Maximum current/cross-section 76 A / 16 mm², stranded wire

Moulding PA, grey, V-0
Comparative Tracking Index

CTI ≥ 600

Insulating Grouop I
Temperature Range -40oC up to 100oC
Terminal Body Nickel plated brass
Pressure clamp Tin plated copper
Screw Plus-minus, M4; zinc plated steel, blue passivated
Solder pin Tin plated copper


Series 159A

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