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Series 931 3.5mm Pitch Round and Flat Pin Headers (for use with 930 Series)

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Series 931 pin strips are 3.5mm pitch and are suitable for use with the 930FL socket connectors.

They are available in two variations, type 931SLS have round pins and can be plugged in from above or below the socket connector.

Type 931FST have flat pins with 2.8 x 0.8mm tabs.

As an alternative, the 931FST can also be used independently with faston connectors.

Both versions are available in 2 to16 pole lengths.

Technical Details

Mouldings: nylon, black, UL94 V2
Solder pin: brass, tinned
Current rating: 6A
Voltage rating: 300v
Comparative tracking: CTI > 175
Temp limits: max short term: 200º C
continuous: RTI 105º C
Pin spacing: 3.5mm
Solder pin/tab: tin plated brass
Other data: refer to mating connectors


Loose solder pins: type LST1.3 loose solder pins also available.

Series 931

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