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Series 381 / 385 3.81mm/5mm push button side entry

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Series 381 (3.81mm pin spacing) & 385 (5mm pin spacing) are side entry p.c. connectors.

Connection is made by depressing the push buttons and inserting the tinned stranded or solid conductors.

When released, the connection is simply made.

Height above the board is 19.4mm.

Technical Details

Mouldings: nylon 6.6, UL94 V0
Colours: grey, black, blue or grey
Inserts: brass, tinned
Clamps: stainless steel
Current rating: 12A
Voltage rating: 300v
Conductor size: 0.2mm2 – 0.8mm2
Temp limits: max short term: 200º C
continuous: RTI 105º C
Pin spacing: 5mm
Recommended hole dia.
in p.c. board:
1.3mm (+0.1 / -0.1)


10mm pin spacing.

Series 381

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