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Series 830 SMD 3.5mm PCB Connector

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Series 830 SMD 3.5mm PCB Connector is the new PCB terminal block with a pitch of 3,5 mm.

Due to the very small space requirement and the white colour it is ideally suited to various applications in the lighting industry.

The front of the terminal is equipped with push button release for standard screwdrivers to remove the connected conductors.

The advanced design of this high temperature resistant terminal allows the free circulation of hot air in the convection oven during the reflow soldering process.

The standard magazine packaging makes this terminal very suitable for automatic pick & place in the production line

PCB connector 830-A-111-SMD

  • Pitch of 3,5 mm
  • 2 and 3 pole design
  • colour white
  • up to 13,5 A
  • Push-In connection
  • Wires with a cross section up to 1 mm²
  • Only 97 mm² required space (2 poles)
  • High temperature resistant material
  • For automatic Pick & Place

Applications: Lighting technology


Technical Details



Consecutive numbering
Special marking according to drawing


Series 830

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