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Series 140ATHR 5mm Pitch Side Entry PCB Connector

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Series 140ATHR PCB connector has a 5mm pitch and is  designed for the soldering process in Through-Hole-Reflow technology.

It is available in 2- to 12-poles.

The very short 1.5 mm solder pins don’t protrude from the PC board allowing for double-sided mounting possibilities.

The terminal housing is made of heat-resistant material.

The wire entrance is parallel to the PCB.

The screws are captive.

  • 5.00 mm pitch
  • 2- to 12-pole design
  • Short solder pins
  • Black housing
  • Lift system


Technical Details

Clamping Range

solid / flexible / AWG

0,14 – 2,5 mm² / 0,14 – 1,5 mm² / 26 – 16 AWG

Rated Cross Section 1,5 mm²
Wire Stripping Length 6 mm ± 0,5 mm

Overvoltage Category

Pollution Severity Level

Rated Voltage

Rated Impulse Voltage



 III          III          II

3            2           2

 200 V 320 V 500 V

 4 kV   4 kV   4 kV



Rated Insulation Voltage 250 V accord. to EN 60998-1
Rated Current 16 A
Soldering process Reflow solder
Hole in PCB ø 1,3 mm
PCB thickness 1,6 mm
Torque 0,5 Nm


Moulding PA HT, black, V-0
Comparative Tracking Index CTI 600
Insulating Group I
Temperature Range

-40°C up to 120°C; reflow solder temperature

(Peak) max. 260°C (15-30 s)

Terminal body Nickel plated brass
Pressure clamp Tin plated copper alloy
Screw M3; Zinc plated steel, blue passivated
Solder pin 0,9 x 0,5 mm; tin plated copper alloy


Consecutive numbering

Special marking according to drawing

Self-adhesive marking strip BST-5,00 (to be fitted after reflow process)

Pitch of 10 mm for larger clearance and creepage distances

Tape on reel request



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