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Techno TEEPLUG ® TH405 IP68 Plug and Socket Connector

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Techno TEEPLUG ® TH405 Plug and Socket Connector allow the installation of electrical equipment to a high protection class, watertight in depths up to 5 m (5 m/1 h) The IP68 connection is made quickly and safely without the use of cast resin, gel or heat shrink tube. The TH405 additionally impresses by its robust design and easy handling.

  • Compact design
  • 2 to 6 pole as screw or crimp version
  • Cable diameter size 7 – 13.5 mm
  • TR28 and T distributor (IP65) built-in variants
  • Exchangeable plugs and sockets (modular system)
  • Clean and easy IP68 connection without the use of cast rasin, gel or heat shrink tubing
  • Captive gaskets (two components)
  • Safe connection of conductors with barrier in the insert (“pocket hole”)

Technical Details

Poles 2 – 6
Cable section 0.5 – 1.5 mm2
Cable diameter min-max 7.0 mm – 14.0 mm
Degree of protection (IP) IP68 0.5 bar (5 m / 1 h)
Operating temperature -40°C to +125°C


For particular installation situations, there are also IP68 round connectors available as cost-effective alternative to plug and socket connectors.

Part Numbers:

THB.405.A2A Connector Plug 5P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.A2B Connector Plug 3P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.A2E Connector Plug 6P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.A2G Connector Plug 2P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.B2A Connector Socket 5P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.B2B Connector Socket 3P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.B2E Connector Socket 6P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.B2G Connector Socket 2P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.C2A Connect Plug/Socket 5P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.C2B Connect Plug/Socket 3P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.C2E Connect Plug/Socket 6P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.C2G Connect Plug/Socket 2P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.D2A Connect Socket/Plug 5P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.D2B Connect Socket/Plug 3P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.D2E Connect Socket/Plug 6P Screw D7-14 Ip68
THB.405.D2G Connect Socket/Plug 2P Screw D7-14 Ip68



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