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Techno TEETUBE ® TH390 IP68/IP69K 3 Way Junction Connector

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Techno  TEETUBE ® TH390 3 Way Junction Connector can be used in various situations, for example in the connection of power and heating cables, as a protection of electronic circuits, in data and optical fibre connections, in motors and pumps.

The special anti-moisture barrier prevents the damp inside the cable from entering the connection and proceeding towards the device installed.

Techno  TEETUBE ® TH390 3 Way Junction Connectors are ideal for LED applications with the presence of water and debris (e.g. flooded junction boxes).

Technical Details

Poles 2 – 3
Cable section 0.5 – 1.5 mm2
Cable diameter min-max 7 – 13.5mm
Degree of protection (IP) IP68
Operating temperature -40°C to +125°C

Please see individual part numbers for datasheets.


Part Numbers:

THB.390.A1A Connector I 3P Screw D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.A1B Connector I 2P Screw D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.A3A Connector I 3P Wp D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.A3B Connector I 2P Wp D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.B1A Connector L 3P Screw D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.B1B Connector L 2P Screw D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.B3A Connector L 3P Wp D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.B3B Connector L 2P Wp D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.C1A Connector T 3P Screw D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.C1B Connector T 2P Screw D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.C3A Connector T 3P Wp D7-13.5 Ip68
THB.390.C3B Connector T 2P Wp D7-13.5 Ip68

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