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Wiring Systems

Pre-manufactured wiring systems for lighting and small power have become readily accepted as the preferred means of electrical installation for commercial environments. The Metway Wiring System provides many real benefits to the construction process, such as.

* Fast installation
* Reduced costs
* Standards compliance
* Simplified maintenance
* Easily reconfigurable
* Recyclable components
* Complete flexibility
* No snagging or wastage

Over recent years, the government has been keen to promote the idea of offsite fabrication within the construction industry. Issues of Health & Safety, increasing costs and skills shortages are making these issues more prevalent each year. Government funded studies have been carried out to allow reference points for manufacturers to offer more suitable solutions for these challenges. Metway was involved at core level with a study carried out at the British Research establishment in 2000/2001. Much information was gained from all the interested parties and it was clear that the desire to see these systems succeed was present. Key ideas were exchanged to make the process more simple and reliable for everyone. With Metway at the core of developments, new and existing customers can be assured that the best solutions are available. More recently Metway has been very involved with the BSI in drafting a standard for Pre-Fabricated wiring systems including components, manufacture, installation & testing and system configuration. Metway’s ability to provide a complete “one stop shop” for both pre-fabricated wiring and lighting control requirements, make Metway the obvious choice for the complete solution.

The Metway Wiring System

The Metway Pre-Fabricated flexible Wiring System utilises the industry standard series 166 “g” type of connectors, thus ensuring the system is mechanically polarised and colour coded to prevent mismatching. All components are factory assembled and tested prior to despatch and incorporate a locking system on all interconnecting parts for added security. As the system is “modular” in design configuration and re-configuration is made simple and able to include all forms of lighting control from simple switching to fully addressable intelligent systems from the Metway Wiring Systems range.

Metway’s wiring system connectors comply with the following standards and approvals with utilised latching:

BS 61535 (installation couplers intended for permanent connection)
EN 60320 (Appliance couplers)
EN 61984 (engaged & disengaged under load)
VDE 0628 (installation systems)
Manufactured to ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

All component parts are approved to international standards and factory manufactured assemblies are subject to full function testing. All component parts are recyclable.