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Metway MA-DALI64 Lighting Control Module

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The Metway MA-DALI64 Gateway Module provides an interface between DALI lighting products and our addressable control system.

The module acts as a fully functional DALI addressable product with 64 individually programmable addresses.

Each address can be a DALI luminaire, DALI emergency inverter, DALI PIR sensor, DALI controlled relay or DALI scene set plate.

The MA-DALI64 is DIN rail mounted and enclosed in a steel powder coated enclosure wired to industry standard terminals.

The enclosure can also be supplied with a 20A, 5-pole female connection for a modular solution.

Twin MA-DALI64 units (i.e. with 128 addresses) is also available.

A removable memory module facilitates fast configuration of a replacement LCM should that be needed.

In other words, should an LCM need to be replaced for any reason, no reprogramming is necessary, simply remove the memory module and reinsert it into the new Controller.

Technical Details

Please download full datasheet for all technical information.


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