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Metway MA-PIRCC Passive Infra Red Detector

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The MA-PIRCC presence detector is a sensor for automatic lighting control.

It detects movement using a PIR sensor, which updates the light controller using a solid state galvanically isolated clean contact interface.

When an area is no longer occupied, the device times out after a configurable period.

This detector features our Progressive Sensitivity function to eliminate false triggering and features a walk-test mode to help with configuring the detector, with movement indicated by a built-in blue LED.

This starts when the unit is powered up, and expires 30 minutes after movement detection stops.

Adjustment for sensitivity and timeout period is made during commissioning using two trimmers on the rear of the unit.

If this PIR is to be used in a system that does not require the output to be isolated, simply connect the negatives (Com) of the supply and output together at the PIR.

Please note that because this device features a solid-state isolator, output connection polarity must be strictly observed.

This neat, compact PIR is compatible with equipment that uses switched (clean contact) inputs, and is an ideal choice for mounting in trunking or on luminaires, or where aesthetics are a consideration.

The MA-PIRCC can also be specified with custom painted bezels.

Technical Details

Please download full datasheet for all technical information.



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