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Metway MA-TCP/IP Interface Network Controller

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The MA-TCP/IP Area Controller acts as an inter-floor or inter-zonal connection controller.

The system does not require standalone Area Controllers since our DALI LCM’s and Sub Address modules incorporate area communication.

The Area Controller offers excellent functionality and flexibility and is available in either 1, 2, 3 or 4 zone configuration depending on the number of lighting control devices and networks required.

Interfaces to Fire Alarms, BMS systems and other control systems can also be accommodated, all of which can then be interfaced with our Head End Graphical  Control Software.

The Area Controller is supplied in a steel powder coated enclosure with a three position key switch to allow for the configuration of test functions.

These are programmable but typically would be all-on and emergency test commands.

The MA-TCP/IP Network Controller is used with our Head End PC software or when an Emergency Monitoring system is required.

The Network Controller also provides backbone communications with DALI LCMs and DALI Gateways which can be connected using a dedicated CAT5 cable or over a shared LAN.

The Network Controller provides over-ride facilities for key switch commands; standard functions provide an ‘Emergency Test’ and an ‘Over-ride All On’.


Technical Details

Please download full datasheet for all technical information.


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