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Metway MA-RS232AV Interface

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The Metway MA-RS232AV and MA-RS232AVDALI both provide an interface between the lighting control system and devices such as audio/video equipment.

8 configurable volt-free inputs are provided, enabling the user to call scenes, raise, lower and off.

If specified with the MA-RS232 functions a direct interface to audio visual systems is simple to configure..

Connection is via CAT5 cable on a CAN network or 4 core mains cable for DALI.

The modules are DIN-rail devices for mounting in an enclosure (which we can supply) or in an existing panel or AV Rack.

The product is available in CAN or DALI versions.

The command string format and parameters are described on the data sheet.

Technical Details

Please download full datasheet for all technical information.



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