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Metway Addressable System Scene Plate Remote MA-HHI/R-7B


This Metway Scene Plate Remote MA-HHI/R-7B – performs the functions of a scene set control plate, which is used with our plug in and hardwired control modules to control different lighting groups at different levels as well as some other non-lighting functions.

Working with any scene set control plate, the seven buttons on this remote mimic the buttons on the scene set plate.

Using the remote you can call Scenes 1 – 4, Raise, Lower, and Off.

The Off button can also be programmed to a scene value.

By pressing and holding buttons 1 – 4 you call scenes 5 – 8.

The remote requires no commissioning, but it requires a programmed scene set control plate to work with.

Technical Details


Scene Plate Remote

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