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Metway Addressable System Scene Set Switches and Control Plates

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The Metway Scene Set Switches and Control Plate Switches are used in conjunction with the plug in and hardwired control modules and DALI devices.

They allow lighting to be controlled at different levels and in different groups.

The control plate uses a Wandsworth Group Series 2 range, and the standard plate finish is brushed stainless steel but any plate finish in the series 2 range can be supplied.

From the plate you can call scenes 1 – 4, raise, lower and off.

The off button can also be programmed for a specific scene value.

Press and hold buttons 1– 4 to control scenes 5 – 8.

All scenes can be programmed by a hand-held remote, PC tools or by button control on the plate.

This eliminates the need for specialist tools or engineering services.

Control plates have blue LED back lighting for location and scene notification.

Connection is via CAT5 cable on the CAN network or 2 or 4 core mains cable for DALI.

2 and 4 button switch plates, which match the Scene Plates, can also be specified giving 1 or 2 gang matching switches.

Technical Details

Please download full datasheet for all technical information.


Scene Set Control Switches SS1Scene Set Control Switches SS2Scene Set Control Switches SS3Scene Set Control Switches SS4

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