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Metway Classroom Control Box

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The Classroom Control Box from Metway allows for simple, fast and cost effective installation of lighting control and wiring in a classroom application.

The design brief for control of luminaires within a classroom of 9 fittings is generally such that all the luminaires are controlled by a ceiling mounted presence/microwave detector functioning in absence mode. This will mean that when someone enters the classroom all the luminaires will be manually switched on by a switch located adjacent to the door.

The row of 3 luminaires closest to the window will either switch or dim in response to the level of daylight. One wall will also have a whiteboard; here there is generally a switch to override the luminaires to off during presentations etc. Previously an LCM would have been required to facilitate this level of control but the Metway Classroom Control Box alleviates not only the need for an LCM and commissioning by the controls provider but also the wiring to each individual luminaire and switch positions as this has all been included in one simple to install and set to work package. All that is required is a supply wired to the Classroom Control Box in each classroom.

The connection diagram shows the “typical” control requirement for a classroom of 9 luminaires and the Metway Classroom Control Box mounted by the classroom door. All the luminaires, switches and detector simply plug in via extender leads, remote tee modules and plug in switch drop leads.

The 2 channel dimmable detector allows for separate absence switching (2no momentary push to make switches or 1no centre biased retractive switch) and also separate independent override control of the switching and dimmable luminaires.

The override to off of the 2no whiteboard luminaires is via the latching switch that separately interrupts the switched feed from the detector for these 2 luminaires only. A separate option is also available to allow the dimmable luminaire nearest the whiteboard to be switched via the whiteboard override switch and also a separate option for perimeter switching.

Metway Classroom Control Kits are available for classrooms with 9, 12 and 15 luminaires and can be supplied with or without luminaire tee pieces dependant on the luminaire being supplied with a pre-wired tee. Overall cost savings of up to 20% can be achieved on a typical classroom installation with set up of the detector parameters via a simple to operate hand-held controller (supplied separately). The Classroom Kits can be supplied marked with room and/or circuit references along with fully marked up drawings and data sheets.

  • Industry standard connectors
  • IP20/IP40 when connected
  • Easily reconfigurable with product from stock
  • No third party commissioning

Technical Details

Please download datasheet for full technical information


Metway classroom control box - lighting control moduleClassroom Control BoxClassroom-Control-Box1 open

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