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Passive Infra Red Presence Detectors Miniature Range

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The Metway miniature range of PIR (passive infra red) presence detectors are designed to provide automatic control of lighting loads with the added option of manual control (absence detection).
The miniature (28mm diameter) size, together with three mounting options makes this range ideally suited for mounting on, or in, luminaires to provide local control of individual fittings.
Available in standard on/off or dimmable DSI/DALI variant for digital ballasts.

The detector head is supplied complete with a 300mm lead which plugs into the power supply unit.
The dimming variant has a dimming output that can be used to control the light output of luminaires with dimming ballasts.
The detector measures the overall light level within its detection range and calculates the correct output for the luminaires to achieve a preset lux level.

  • Adjustable time/lux level
  • Three mounting options (flush, surface, side mounting bracket)
  • Presence/absence detection (auto on/off, manual on-auto off)
  • Infra red remote setting
  • Manual adjustment of lux level via centre biased momentary
    wall switch (dimming version)

Technical Details

Operating voltage 220-240v AC
Load 6A fluorescent, 3A compact fluorescent, low energy & low voltage
Dimming up to 10 dimming ballasts
Terminal capacity 1.5mm
Material: flame retardant ABS

Dimensions – sensor

Sensor only 28mm dia
Flush housing 38mm dia
Cut out 32mm dia

Dimensions – power supply unit

Length/width/depth 142mm, 40mm, 22mm
fixing centres 110mm

Presence Detection


Ancillary items

  • UHS3 User handset override on/off, lux up & down
  • LCDHS programming handset

Part numbers

EBMPIR-PRM/C PIR sensor c/w power supply & mounting kits
EBMPIR-DD/C Dimmable DSI/DALI sensor c/w power supply & mounting kits
Passive Infra Red Presence Detectors Miniature Range

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