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Passive Infra Red PIRSW - Ceiling PIR presence/absence detector

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Office, classroom and commercial interior spaces where on / off control is required

  • Office / Commercial lighting
  • Classrooms
  • Stairwells / Corridors

PIRSW with on / off relay control 

Designed with a low profile for aesthetically demanding architectural projects providing a high quality sensor for simple on / off occupancy control or providing semi-automatic (absence detection) control.

An intelligent photocell is also included to prevent switching of the lights when natural daylight is available.

Set-up of the sensor is carried out using a remote control handset with program memory allowing one-key commissioning where common settings are used for multiple devices.


  • Store settings in the remote for easy commissioning when the programming multiple sensors.
  • Intelligent photocell – lights and sensors only operate when needed, natural light has priority.
  • 5 year warranty

Technical Details

Operating voltage 220-240v AC 50/60Hz
Load Capacitive Max 400VA, Resistive Max 800W
Time out period Max 30 minutes
Light level light to dark
Terminal capacity 2.5mm
Cut out 65mm diameter
Material flame retardent ABS



Part numbers and applications

 PIRSW  Flush mounted switching PIR, presence / absence detector 8 metre range
 MCCPIR03BSWP  Flush mounted switching PIR, presence detection with 3 metre lead and MCC side latching plug
 MCCPIR03BSWPA  Flush mounted switching PIR, absence detection with 3 metre leads MCC side latching plug and 3 pole switch plug

Other lead lengths available


Ancillary Items

MPROG – programming handset

PIR remote 2021


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