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SmartSensor Remote Control MDSSR

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The SmartSensor Remote Control (MDSSR) provides a simple, low-cost method to configure the SmartSensor range of DALI multisensors.

It can also allow a user to remote control lighting managed by SmartSensor.

Compact and easy to use, MDSSR is smaller than a credit card and slips easily into the pocket.

Supplied in a plastic pouch with a Lithium coin battery and Programming Guide.


As an installation remote control:

  • Select operating mode / application use case;
  • Discover, Address and group light fittings;
  • Assign sensors to control groups;
  • Set hold time / lux level / comfort level;
  • Enable / disable features;
  • Test and verify setup

As a user remote control*:

  • Command Lights on / off
  • Dim up / Dim down
  • Recall any of 9 preset dimming levels

* Requires user remote function to be enabled during setup

Technical Details


Band:                    Infrared, 38kHz modulation

Battery:                 Lithium Coin Cell CR2025

Dimensions:          85 x 39 x 7 mm

Weight:                 15 g including battery



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