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SmartSensor™ is a range of advanced DALI lighting multi-sensors from Metway which provide reliable detection of occupancy and light level in a managed DALI lighting system as well as offering a full self-contained lighting control solution for smaller applications.

As a standalone solution, SmartSensor™ offers enhanced functionalities, whilst remaining simple to install and commission via a handheld remote controller. A room full of lighting can be commissioned in less than five minutes by a typical installer with no specialist equipment.

This simplicity in installation, setup and commissioning helps to keep project costs low while the advanced features offer the benefits traditionally associated with more complex, expensive solutions.

Three different lens styles ensure optimum detection for every use, while wall switches for override and dimming can be wired in via the switch input connectors on the sensor. As well as standard occupancy-based control (absence or presence), SmartSensor offers advanced features such as corridor and zone linking and the ability to use multiple sensors within a zone.  Daylight harvesting can be set up with offsets to dim up to three rows of lamps independently from a single sensor.

For the simplest single room applications, SmartSensor can be used straight out of the box as a plug and play device, controlling a single group of lamps with presence detection and daylight harvesting. Simply plug into the optional Metway MDCC Connection Centre.

For applications that require enhanced features, setup and commissioning is simple with the handheld controller. The SmartSensor acts as its own commissioning system, auto-discovering and addressing DALI lamps. It also provides a simple means for grouping and configuration with clear visual feedback via two on-board LEDs.

For a plug and play solution for a school classroom environment for example, with preset configuration,  the SmartSensor™ should be used with the Metway MDCC Connection Centre.

Key Features

  • Occupancy and light level sensing
  • Wall switch inputs
  • Operates standalone or as part of a managed lighting system
  • Supports a wide range of control strategies including occupancy, constant light, scenes
  • Very low power consumption
  • Infra-red remote control available
  • Status feedback via coloured LEDs
  • A range of alternative lenses and bezels available to suit a wide variety of applications, mounting options and decors
  • Designed to conform to DALI2 draft standard (Draft EN 62386-301/302/304)
  • Highly sensitive with advanced digital filters to give excellent resistance to false triggering
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain

Technical Details

Please contact office for more information.

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