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Metway Projects

Project: VEGA
System: Wiring Systems



Project: Next Bluewater
System: Wiring Systems


Project: BBC Studios
System: Wiring Systems


Project: Boland’s Court, Dublin
System: Wiring Systems



Project: The British Red Cross Offices – London
System: 4-way desk power outlets with USB




Project: Plot M Logic Leeds
Contractor: Halsall
System: Standalone MCC Controls



Project: Brighton Police Station
Contractor: Blair Installations
System: Fully addressable dali system


Project: Santander Offices
Contractor: GE Lighting Limited
System: MCCs, detectors, plug and play leads



Project: Argus Head Office – Milton Keynes
Contractor: Halsall
System:  Scene setting controls



Project: The Range Distribution Centre – Avonmouth
Contractor: Halsall
System: MCC Standalone