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Services and Support

We aim to assist our customers in every way possible, from specifiers and contractors through to end users. Our expertise in project configuration allows us to aid customers with their project specification and to offer the best solution for client requirements. From simple leads to a full system incorporating full lighting control with front end P.C, Metway is able to provide a solution.

Metway offer the following as part of our customer services:

  • Pre-tender advice on system configuration
  • Drawing take-off and detailed tender / technical submittalcad
  • Autocad Electronic drawings
  • Configuration management
  • Liaison with other manufacturers / suppliers
  • Provision of samples
  • Data sheets/O&M manual etc
  • In house or on-site training
  • Next day delivery on stock items
  • Full technical support and back up
  • Post sales support
  • Commissioning of System

Metway can also meet specific demands for the transport of goods to site including deliveries packed by floor or area to aid installation.



Flexible wiring systems offer design engineers the flexibility to realise sophisticated systems which would be more costly and difficult using conventional wiring methods. The products can be installed around a more rigid system such as heating and ventilation due to the flexibility of their design. This also ensures that modifications, either during or after installation, are easily achieved.



The whole concept of flexible wiring systems is to drastically reduce installation times. All components in the system are connected together using industry standard plug and socket 166 G type connectors which are both colour and mechanically coded preventing mismatching. A total “plug & play” solution for lighting, power and control cabling including L.C.M’s (lighting control modules) removes the requirement for any on site wiring and with minimal components. This also reduces wastage and on site storage.


The client is concerned with minimising installation costs, ongoing running costs and payback periods whilst needing the flexibility in order to change building layouts to accommodate the occupants. The flexibility of the Metway Wiring System and Lighting Control components successfully meets all these objectives. The system can easily be reconfigured to meet the needs of a new tenant due to their simple design.


Metway prides itself on working at all levels on projects from conception to final completion. Over the years Metway has worked with a large number of key M&E consultants on successful projects in the commercial, industrial & retail sectors with clients like Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Debenhams, o2 & BAA.

Metway’s close links to the lighting OEM industry enables a close liaison and supply source to some of the UK’s largest luminaire manufacturers from both the Wiring Systems and Connect divisions.

Some of our direct Wiring System contractor customers include:

  • Spie Matthew HallHalley VI – Antarctica
  • N.G Bailey
  • Mitie Engineering
  • T. Clarke
  • Briggs & Forrester
  • Crown House Engineering
  • Encon Special Contracts
  • Michael J Lonsdale
  • Forth Electrical Services
  • Hills Electrical