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4 Pole & 6 Pole GST Side Latch Leads

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Metway is able to supply all variants of compatible “Lighting Control Module” leads for all major manufacturers. Our on-site production facility and large stockholding ensure a fast turnaround on all products, which are fully factory tested prior to dispatch.

Metway 4 Pole & 6 Pole GST side latch leads are male to free end and available in various lengths. Please refer to datasheet. They are compatible with Metway Vitesse/Rapid lighting control modules.


Technical Details

Cable 1.00mm LSOH white
Prepared Outer sheath stripped 70mm
Inner cores stripped and ferruled
Connector rating 16A
Latching Yes – side latch
Compatible LCM’s Metway Vitesse/Rapid

4-pole Wiring configuration

4-pole & 6-pole GST side latch

6-pole Wiring configuration

Black: Live (L1)=Brown Earth (E)=Green/Yellow Neutral (N)=Blue

Grey: EM Live (L1)=Black Dim 1 (E)=White Dim 2 (N)=Red

4-pole & 6-pole GST side latch


Tinned or ultrasonically welded ends available upon request.

Please see datasheet for part numbers.

4 Pole & 6 Pole GST Side Latch leads

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