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6 Pole GST Black / Blue leads

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Metway is able to supply all variants of compatible “Lighting Control Module” leads for all major manufacturers. Our on-site production facility and large stockholding ensure a fast turnaround on all products, which are fully factory tested prior to dispatch.

Metway 6 Pole GST Black / Blue leads are male to free end and available in various lengths. Please refer to datasheet.

Technical Details

Cable 1.00mm LSOH white
Prepared Outer sheath stripped 70mm
Inner cores stripped and ferruled
Connector rating 16A
Latching No
Compatible LCM’s ThornDynalite
Set Square

Wiring configuration

Black: Live (L1)=Brown Earth (E)=Green/Yellow Neutral (N)=Blue

Blue: EM Live (1)=Black Dim 1 (2)=White Dim 2 (3)=Red

6-pole GST Black_Blue


Tinned or ultrasonically welded ends available upon request.

Please see datasheet for part numbers.

6 Pole GST Black / Blue leads

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